OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro middle school will undergo some major changes following a brawl that left one teacher seriously injured. 

In a meeting Thursday, OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said John Marshall Middle School was not given the proper resources necessary to succeed and that a reset was needed.

While the district initially played down a teacher's injuries suffered when she was stomped in a student brawl, Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel offered an apology.  

“I referenced it as a minor injury and it was unacceptable, she is okay, but it minimized what happened in the hallway and I apologize,” said McDaniel.               

Just one of many violent brawls to take place within the school’s halls McDaniel vowed to make changes at John Marshall Middle School.

“We’re going to do a better job, we are going to provide resources, and support needed,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said changes are needed, starting with a new principal.

“There’s an old saying we use in the educational world when the principal sneezes, everyone catches a cold and we believe that,” said McDaniel.

The district will also add a third assistant principal.

“What kept coming to the forefront is their ability to develop relationships with teachers with kids and community,” said McDaniel.

With around 800 students enrolled, the district will also work to reduce and balance class sizes.

“Many classes have too many kids which makes teaching difficult,” said McDaniel.

Volunteers will also help the district to provide students with additional support.

“Encouragement, role modeling, mentoring in no way is this volunteerism that they are going to take over the classroom, or they are going to save the day, they have simply volunteered to be supportive of our path forward,” said McDaniel.

Security will also be increased with an additional police officer.