OKLAHOMA CITY - Nearly three dozen new laws take effect Thursday statewide, including the law that sets up the legal framework for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana industry. 

The new law is officially called Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, but was dunned the "Unity Bill" after a bipartisan group of lawmakers worked for months to hammer out the details. 

The new law includes a host of new requirements and restrictions including setting requirements for THC testing, child proofing packaging and expanding the Medical Marijuana Authorities inspection power across the state. 

Most notably, the state will begin enforcing what's called seed-to-sale, requiring growers and dispensary owners to track each seed and strain of a medical marijuana plant until it reaches the customer. It also bans employers from penalizing job applicants who have medical marijuana cards. 

While it's called the unity bill, some in the industry said they aren't unified behind the new regulations. 

"It's utter and complete overkill. You;re requiring things you don't for any other industry in Oklahoma and applying them to this one. Pharmacies don't ave to have trackers in trucks taking their pharmaceuticals," said Tulsa Lawyer, Ron Durbin. 

Also in the new law are restriction on local laws and protections for gun owners who have medical marijuana licenses or cards, along with dozens of other new regulations. 

Below is a full list of the regulations: 

  • The law includes exemptions for safety-sensitive jobs, allow employers to penalize employees in those jobs .
  • A reduction in the application fee for disabled veterans to $20.
  • It changes Oklahoma Residency requirements for applicants.
  • Along with the child proof packaging, the law requires listing of potency, testing assurance. Banning packaging that could be enticing to children.
  • Creates an education facility license for nonprofits involved in training growers and dispensaries.
  • Creates a caregiver license for patients who need a caregiver to buy and deliver MM products.
  • Requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet away from preschools.

Click here to see the text for House Bill 2612.