LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Jurors in Logan County are in day four of the murder sentencing trial for 47-year-old Nathan LeForce. He faces a possible death sentence for the murder of Logan County Deputy David Wade. 

The defense has a list of 28 witnesses. As of Tuesday, 20 witnesses have given their testimonies.

Most of the day jurors heard from a forensic psychologist. She said LeForce’s traumatic experiences growing up shaped his adult life. She testified that LeForce spiraled out of control after the death of his father and losing guardianship of his children.

The doctor told the court that the 2017 shooting death of Deputy Wade by the hands of LeForce was impulsive and random and the now convicted killer was in a meth-induced psychosis.

The state argued that the shooting was planned. They said LeForce hid his gun to gain the advantage over a law officer who was serving an eviction notice without backup. They also argued that LeForce talked about killing a cop for 19 years.

The last three witnesses of the day were an attorney, a prison inmate and a minister. They all told the court they would help LeForce in this journey to redemption should the jury recommend life in prison without the possibility of parole.