NORMAN, Oklahoma - Monday night’s storms sent boats flying at Lake Thunderbird. The owner of the Calypso Cove Marina said 10 boats were submerged and at least two boats were on top of other boats.  

“A buddy called and said you need to go check on your boat,” said David Sparks.

Sparks found his boat underneath a pontoon that was flipped onto its top. He was out at the marina Tuesday, trying to salvage what he can. He said his boat will be a total loss. 

It’s actually the second boat Sparks has lost to storms.

“Me and tornadoes at Lake Thunderbird,” he laughed.

News 9 Chief Meteorologist David Payne said it was actually likely high winds that caused all the damage.  

The marina is a family business and owner Jessica Elliott said she got a similar call to David’s this morning.

“They called and said come now,” said Elliott.  

She said they always turn off gas and power before a storm, so there’s no danger. But there’s no way they will be back in business by this weekend, that they had expected to be the biggest weekend of the year. 

“We’re a tight knit family committed to Norman, committed to the park, committed to rebuilding.”

Fortunately, it was still too early for the Labor Day crew, so no one was out at the marina when the storm hit. 

“Just a boat, no one got hurt. That’s all I care about,” said Sparks.

Elliott said they will be open for drive-up customers this weekend.