DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Del City crews worked overnight Tuesday to complete a preliminary damage assessment after severe weather blew through the state. 

As of 2 a.m. the fire department knew of several buildings with structural damage, including the Dollar Tree on Southeast 15th Street. The front of the business collapsed and one car was damaged. A church on Southeast 22nd street also had their roof collapse. 

The Del City Community Center's roof was also peeled back, the HVAC units moved and the interior was damaged. 

Multiple trees and branches were reported down across the city. 

Fire crews used chain saws to help clear streets but eventually public works took over. Some trees couldn't be moved because powerlines were embedded with them.

Power outages are still being reported across the city, but the fire department reported that high concentration areas include:

  • Area around Del City High School (east of Sunnylane and south of SE 15)
  • Area around City Hall (north of SE 15 to I-40, between Sunnylane and Bryant)
  • All of the Hartsdel addition
  • Southern half of Del Aire addition
  • Area around Fire Station 2, Woodedge and Sunnylane

The fire department said damage assessments will continue Tuesday morning.