UNION CITY, Oklahoma - A manhunt is underway in Union City. Police said they are looking for 43-year-old Shawn Holt after he led officials on a foot chase late Saturday night. But officials weren’t able to make an arrest, due to trying to catch him in stormy conditions. 

Officials said they aren’t surprised that Holt ran from them. They said he has an extensive history of running from law enforcement.

The latest crime started when Union City police officers were called to a home off of Grand and Maple. The call came in as a domestic battery.

“The male suspect allegedly threw a car battery at the female and it broke and spilt battery acid all over her legs,” said Richard Stephens, Union City Police Chief.

When officers arrived at the house, their suspect, Holt, was on the move. He first led police to a vacant house on down the street where he was trying to hide.

“He broke a window to gain access into that residence,” said Stephens.

But Holt kept going. He led police on an extensive foot chase. Officers were jumping over fences and even brought out the K-9 to try and track Holt down, but they had no luck.

“We have had extra patrols out as have other surrounding agencies,” said Stephens.

Holt is from the area, so Stephens said he knows where to run and hide. But police are hopeful that someone will turn him in, like what has happened in the past.

When Holt is caught, Stephens said, these charges will be waiting for him. He hopes that they are the last.

“When you are at the bottom of the hole, just quit digging,” said Stephens.