OKLAHOMA CITY - Police said a man caught on camera leaving a threatening letter at someone's home also targeted a church. 

The first incident was in Deer Creek. Hours later, police said the bomb squad was called out to an Oklahoma City house of worship.

Police believe the same man is responsible for both letters. They were both written in the same red ink and signed with the same signature.

“I have never seen this individual in my life," said Lori Eden.

Hours after the suspect was seen delivering the note to Eden's doorstep in Deer Creek, Oklahoma City police learned there were more.

“Turns out, this man has left notes not with just her, not just in this city, but really all over this part of the country,” said OKC MSgt. Gary Knight.  

According to the police report, a second of its kind turned up at Brookwood Baptist Church in Southwest OKC. The letter, initially believed to be a bomb, triggered a large response.

“From what I could tell, they had a robot and they were messing with the package and trying to examine it,” said one witness.

An employee was retrieving the mail when she came across a large envelope. The message was in red ink. It read, “Woe to every single church! This is your Lord your God!”

The bomb squad determined the package was not dangerous, but instead "contained a bunch of letters."

Letters that echoed a similar message to one first received by Eden.

And while police aren't confirming the suspect's identity, News 9 has tracked down a Facebook page, which is confirmed to belong to the suspect.  

The Facebook page is full of similar postings reading, “The Bible says the whole world is deceived," and "Nothing can save you now."

While the truck seen leaving from a home is bearing Tennessee plates, police said for now, they desperately want to make contact with the man seen in this video.