DEER CREEK, Oklahoma - A stranger was caught on camera leaving a note containing a chilling threat outside a metro home. It happened Tuesday, August 20 in a community just southwest of Deer Creek Elementary. 

According to the victim, she filed a report with police.

Investigators even collected saliva left on her front door.

“I have never seen this individual in my life,” said victim Lori Eden.

After her Ring app alerted her to activity on her front porch, Eden watched as a stranger appeared on her doorstep.

“I saw what appeared to be a tall man walking up our driveway,” said Eden.            

Eden watched from her phone as the man attempted to enter her house.

“He forcibly pulled on our storm door that was thankfully locked,” said Eden.

After leaving a note behind, the stranger then headed for his pick up, but Eden said he turned around.

“As he was turning to leave, he spit all over our glass door,” said Eden.

But even more disturbing than the man's bizarre behavior, is this note written in red, reading, “A note to you, you effing rapist.”

With each line the words more chilling than the last.

“My angels will rape you harder then you ever thought imaginable, I am the Lord your God, I know your sins you effing rapist, you are so effed.” 

Neighborhood surveillance captured images of the man, his gold pickup, and his tag number.

Eden said it's not only been shared with police, but it has spread like wildfire throughout a concerned community.

“Our community will be the hands and feet that will find him and will see something and say something,” said Eden.  

She said they're all concerned for their safety, especially for the children who were headed to school the very minute the stranger entered their gated community.

“He's obviously unhinged,” said Eden.

She said they're all on high alert.

“We're all complacent, we have our blinders on, we go in, we go out and don’t think about it. I’m certainly thinking about it tonight,” said Eden.

The truck's tag appears to be from Tennessee.