LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A death penalty trial comes to an end in Logan County. The jury has found the man accused in the murder of a Logan County deputy guilty of first degree murder.

Nathan LeForce, 47, is accused of fatally shooting Logan County Deputy David Wade. He was charged with first degree murder.

Prosecutors described Deputy Wade’s murder as a “cold-blooded killing.” They said LeForce had the intent to kill, steal and rob his victims the day of the crime.

The key piece of evidence in the case was Deputy Wade’s body camera. Wade was sent to assist an eviction at a home where LeForce was a guest.

Juror watched as LeForce aimed his gun and fired seven times at Wade. The deputy was fatally shot in the mouth.

The trial has been six days of emotional testimony. The court heard from a number of state and defense witnesses. Many testified that LeForce had a number of run-ins with law enforcement and how he thought the police were after him.

He was also a known drug dealer and user. A Payne County jail psychologist said LeForce told her that he had been on meth every day for two months leading up to the shooting. His defense was that he was in a meth-induced psychosis.

The jury also found LeForce guilty of larceny of a vehicle for driving off in Deputy Wade’s work truck after the shooting and of armed robbery for carjacking a college student at a convenience store.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. 

LeForce is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, August 21 at 9 a.m. The family and attorneys are expected to make statement at that time. 

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