SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - A man, already accused in a bar fight turned hate crime, is once again charged in Pottawatomie County. 

Investigators said Devan Johnson now faces a count of threatening acts of violence for a statement made after the vicious attack.

In late-June, police responded to a fight at the Brick House Saloon, in which two victims were sent to the hospital. One was taken to the ICU and was placed on ventilator for two days.

“The EMT told me he’s suffering life threatening injuries, and my heart just stopped right then,” said Jammie Carolina.

Police arrested Johnson and Brandon Killian for the alleged attack and said that race appeared to be a motive. Each were charged with aggravated assault.

Part of the attack was caught on camera. Investigators said Johnson is the man shouting in the video, "You're dead!"

Investigators said they interviewed witnesses and one woman recounted hearing Johnson state, “he wanted to get a gun and get or kill all the (racial slur) from the Brick House Saloon incident of June 22…”

“He threatened to commit a mass shooting,” said District Attorney Allan Grubb. “This is my community saying, we don't stand for harassing our people, and we don't stand for racism.”

The other man, Killian, allegedly told police the attack was self-defense. But cameras in the police interview room showed Killian punching himself in the face after the attack.

The DA said Killian was recently sentenced in court for drug crimes.

As for Johnson, he didn't want to go on camera, but said he wasn't aware of the new charge. He told News 9 that the new accusation isn't true in a recorded interview.

The DA is confident in the witness’ statements, and that Johnson did make the threat.

“This is a credible threat that he had the ability to carry out. It greatly concerned us. So much so, that we asked for a high bond for the public safety,” said DA Grubb.

Threatening acts of violence is only a misdemeanor in Oklahoma.

Johnson said he will fight this charge in court.