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You may have heard that people are getting married later in life than previous generations, but what you likely haven’t heard is how much later. According to recent statistics, women are an average of 27 years old and men are an average of 29 when they get married in the US today. That’s six years later than the average ages of 1968!

There are, of course, still people who get married too young. While many happy couples tie the knot early, even more have regrets as a result of an early marriage. There are too many factors that go into making your life with someone a happy and fulfilling one, so what if you haven’t had the time to think through the decision thoroughly enough?

You’re probably curious about the answer to this question. Here, we’re going to tell you some of the most commonly reported regrets that people have after getting married too young.

“It Was All Physical”

The elusive honeymoon phase is a great time for couples with dopamine and hormones galore. Though every couple that stays together long-term survives the end of the honeymoon phase, those who don’t wait until they’re out of it before getting married are in for a big crash back into reality.

Many spouses who were married shortly after meeting report that their marriage encounter problems after the end of the honeymoon period. Lots of people realize that their relationship was purely physical, or that they didn’t take the time to discuss real-life issues because they were too distracted with carnal delights.

“I Don’t Really Know My Partner”‘

Because lots of people who get married young do so incredibly quickly, they often regret that they didn’t know their partner that well before getting married. A lifetime partnership requires shared ideologies, beliefs, views, and life goals, which all take a while to get to know about someone.

When spouses tie the knot before talking through all these details, the results are a lot of disastrous regrets. Make sure before getting married that you’ve talked through the hard topics and can answer the question of what your partner believes and holds dear. Only then can you be sure you’re compatible.

“We Changed”

Even if you did have all the talks you should have, people are growing, changing, and finding themselves in their younger years. In a marriage, this can lead to partners growing apart personality-wise or discovering that they have different life goals that don’t match up.

Lots of people think that the age of consent is the only important line that shouldn’t be crossed, but this is a misconception. There are times in a person’s life where, even if they are adults, they still are emotionally unready for huge commitments like marriage.

These people need to fully discover who they are, and a common regret is that they weren’t able to do that before meeting a partner who shares common goals with their fully matured self.

“There’s No ‘I’, Only a ‘We'”

A lot of life is growing, maturing, and finding out who you are without the influence of anyone else. You want to spend time with friends! Meet new people! Travel and see the best cities that the world has to offer! Well, lots of people who marry young feel as though they’ve missed out on this crucial stage of life.

Being intimate in marriage is awesome, but a lot of people regret the loss of themselves as an individual entity. You’ll have more responsibilities and someone that you’ll have to check in with pretty much all the time. When you want to be an ‘I’ and not a ‘we,’ this can be annoying at best.

“I Lost My Single Friends”

You might have never thought that people could lose friends as a result of marriage, but a lot of people say that they regret marrying too young because they lost their single friends. A married person’s unmarried friends feel at a different stage of life than them, and vice versa.

This leads to friendships falling by the wayside since single people feel as though they have nothing in common with their married counterparts anymore. Especially when everyone involved is young, this can lead to a lot of friends drifting apart.

“This is Nice, but What Could Have Been?”

The bottom line is that most people regret what could have been. After getting married young, people are likely to think about what they might have missed out on if they’d spent their youth in a different way. Single life definitely has its benefits, and when better to live it up than when you’re young?

Most people who marry too early feel like they missed out on an entire stage of life. Marriage could have come later, and they feel like they shouldn’t have settled down so soon. This regret leads to a lot of rifts in relationships as well as unhappy individuals.

“I Just Regret Getting Married Young”

There are of course perks to getting married young, like being able to settle down and spend the whole of your life with someone. Often, though, this isn’t the case, and those who tie the knot at too early an age realize too late that they’re changing or have missed out on life.

Now that you know the most common regrets people have after getting married young, check out the search function on our page at News 9! Here you’ll read all kinds of stories about the lives others have lead and other regrets they have so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Regret is such a pointless emotion, especially when it’s preventable. Live life to its fullest and don’t look back!

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