One man is dead after a triple shooting Friday morning at a northeast Oklahoma City apartment complex, police confirm. 

According to authorities, officers responded around 1 a.m. to a home near Broadway Extension and Hefner Road. 

Police found a dead male, identified as 27-year-old Robert Wilkins, in the front yard of the home. Another victim, later identified as 44-year-old Jeffery Berry was found with several gunshot wounds in the backyard of the home next door, police said. Berry was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

While officers were on the scene, they were notified that a third person, identified as 21-year-old Danquan Howard, was at the hospital with gunshot wounds. Howard is expected to survive, police said.  All three victims were from the same shooting. according to authorities. 

Police said a car full of people showed up in some sort of black SUV, knocked on the front door of the home and confronted the people inside. 

Neighbors said the suspects sped away from the scene. 

“I heard a loud conversation, then there was screaming and it sounded chaotic,” said Tyler Stamm, who lives down the street. “Out of no where I just heard a bunch of gunshots." 

Another neighbor told News 9 he heard at least one of the victim’s walking through his alleyway overnight. Friday morning officials confirmed to him what he thought he heard and he saw a trail of blood.

Now, many in the area are hoping this was a one time thing and won’t happen again. But, they are still very shaken up.

“I feel worried you know, to find out that this happened literally where I can see from my house, it is just very stressful,” said Stamm.

"We don't really see any gang involvement of home invasion. We're not really sure why the house was targeted or anything. But you know they did go up knock on the door, so I don't know if they knew someone there," said OKC Police officer Cody Koelsch. 

Two other people were inside the home during the time of the shooting and are being interviewed by authorities. 

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Homicide Tip Line at 405-297-1200. 

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