LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - AT&T said it is working to solve recent coverage issues that have plagued parts of Logan County. 

Mulhall resident Aaron Baldwin said he hasn’t had AT&T cell service for more than two weeks. He said that became a problem last Sunday night, when a motorist ran off of a narrow bridge next to his house and plunged 20 feet into a dry creek bed below.

Baldwin said he and handful of neighbors tried to call 911 with their AT&T cellphones, but no one could get through.

“Luckily, my wife had some kind of app that lets her call off of the wi-fi from the house, so I was able to call from that,” said Baldwin. 

The motorist escaped serious injury.  

Logan County Undersheriff Troy Dykes said in that kind of emergency, people who are trying to help should consider driving away to a better cell area to make a 911 call.  

“We take for granted that our cellphones typically work everywhere we are, but unfortunately there are dead zones of any carrier, not just one particular one,” said Dykes. 

An AT&T spokesman sent News 9 the following statement:

“As we work to make improvements to a cell site that supports part of Logan County, some customers may experience intermittent issues. We’re working as possible to complete this.”