The moments after a metro man was forced out of his car at gunpoint was caught on Oklahoma City police body cameras. 

The carjacking happened last week at the Heritage Park Apartments near Northwest 122nd and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Officer: “He was over here selling a phone, jumped in the car and got a gun pointed at him.”

Officers met up with Quintavias Threats, 22, at a 7-Eleven not far from the apartments where he said he was carjacked. Threats ran to the gas station for help.

Officer: “You ever seen these people?

Threats: “Nah, we was supposed to be buying a phone.”

Threats told officers he arranged the deal through social media and did not even know the suspects' names. He said he got out of his orange Dodge Charger and got in the suspect's red Chevy Cruze to do the deal.

Threats: “Soon as I hopped in his car, they tried to pull out a gun, he said, ‘Run it.’ I backed up out of the car, cause I knew he wasn’t going to shoot over no $400, $300.”

The suspects took off in Threat's car and someone else left in the Chevy Cruze. The victim described the car as having heavy front-end damage.

A car matching the Chevy was spotted by police three days after the carjacking and in the same area. Bob Mills Sky News 9 captured the pursuit and foot chase with the driver and passenger of the car.

The suspects were arrested, but police said at this time, they have not been connected to the armed carjacking.

Meanwhile, the robbery victim has not gotten his car back, but police did find his phone.  

Officer: “Hey guys, the phone shows to be at Heritage Park Road in those apartments over here.”

The stolen car is an orange 2011 Dodge Charger with an Oklahoma tag JDS-281.