OKLAHOMA CITY - For Dr. Christina Kirk, it's a year of new beginnings: a new classroom, a new desk and for the first time a new school.

Kirk is Oklahoma City Public Schools teacher of the year, she's also one of the many teachers being moved to a new school as part of the district's school consolidation plan- the pathway to greatness.

To save millions for the future, Oklahoma City Public Schools shut down 15 schools over the summer, and many students and teachers are starting at new schools. For Kirk, she's headed to Star Spencer High School after Spending years at Rogers Middle, and she said she's ready to take the changes head-on. 

"Nobody likes to see schools close, but we all want to see schools succeed. Sometimes the hard stuff has to be done so that the success can come later on," said Kirk.

And bringing that success to a new school with new students is what Kirk is focused on. As she set up her classroom for the year, numerous words of positivity and signs of encouragement cover the walls. It's these little things she hopes makes new students feel more comfortable.

"With that consistency, we are going to see students move much more efficiently into not just proficiency, but just being able to handle everything that comes after high school," she said. 

The consolidation plan has brought its fair share of controversy, with new bus routes, feeder patterns or new schools in general. But for teachers like Kirk, she wants the young men and women going through this change to know, she's right there with them.

"I want their heads held high and just have confidence, and that goes for all of the students. Because we are all in this together, and we are all trying to figure it out," Kirk said.