EDMOND, Oklahoma - A one of a kind Ferris wheel, standing 35-foot tall has gone missing. According to Edmond police, the steel structure was swiped from a storage unit along with the trailer it was strapped to. 

It happened near East 2nd Street and Henney Road in Edmond. 

“It’s a very unique piece, to our knowledge it's the only one in the world,” said Ferris wheel owner Michael Colley.

His pride and joy was stolen from his storage unit in July.

“It's a big beautiful apparatus, it's fun to watch and fun to ride, everyone loves a Ferris wheel,” said Colley.

“When I opened the door and saw that was missing, money didn’t come to my mind, but it just hit me emotionally like a punch in the stomach, oh my God, not that, not that,” said Colley.

Colley owns a production company that produces rides and games for renaissance festivals and medieval fairs.

“It's about 35-feet tall, had eight large gondolas, can seat three adults in each one of them, 24-32 people at a time,” said Colley.  

The hand-cranked ride is comprised of wood and steel.

“We don’t use any power, no electricity or gas engine, we try to keep it confined with historic bounds,” said Colley.                 

In addition to generating revenue, Colley said the ride was a labor of love for everyone involved in its construction.

“Dedicated. They stayed on the project and they were looking forward to thousands of people riding it,” said Colley.

He said without the manual, this ride is just a heap of steel that he fears could discard.

“It might end up in a scrap yard yet because it has a lot of steel in it,” said Colley.

To make matters worse, insurance won't cover his loss. But he said it's not the money he wants.

“Frankly, we can’t get paid enough for it. The potential revenue is huge, cause it could go on for 20 years longer than I’ll go on haha,” said Colley.