OKLAHOMA CITY - The hottest ticket in town has a special Oklahoma connection. The hit musical ‘Hamilton’ is continuing its run at the Civic Center, but according to local historians, the Founding Father’s legacy lives locally. 

Years before the musical took over Broadway, News 9 resident historian Michael Dean was working at the Oklahoma History Center.

“One of the exhibits on military history in Oklahoma had a jacket a forge jacket uniform jacket and uniform cap of an officer in the army,” Dean said.

Dean soon realized he’d made a big discovery with the uniform.

“I looked at the name, and the name was Louis Mclane Hamilton,” Dean said.

Through research, Dean realized Louis was Alexander Hamilton’s grandson.

“I was just astounded. I was absolutely astonished. Here was the grandson of Alexander Hamilton, who was serving in the army as an officer, and then was killed in combat in the territory,” Dean said.

According to the History Center, Louis Hamilton was killed in Oklahoma during a very controversial battle in Washita.

The uniform in the archives at the museum belonged to Louis, who also fought in the civil war.

As for Dean, he’s a fan of the musical, as it helps spread a true story linked to Oklahoma.

“This is bringing history to a younger audience, a younger generation that really hasn't had much history,” Dean said.