OKLAHOMA CITY - Pathway to Greatness meant a complete shift in the OKCPS school district including changes to the bus routes. 

The district's Transportation Director said nearly every bus route has been touched. 

District officials said they are still fine tuning the routes but do anticipate an increase in the number routes, from 110 to 115. 

Students who live outside a 1.5 mile radius are able to ride and district officials think they'll also see an increase in ridership. 

"We transported, or last year transported about 7,000 students a day," said OKCPS Transportation Director Scott Lane. "I expect that definitely to rise. We wont actually know until we see how many ride. It'll be after labor day before we get a good number on that though."

Lane also recognized because of some of the changes they may have some first time riders. He's hoping parents and kids can look at their bus times and get to their assigned stop early. 

"They'll wait about a minute for everyone to get there, so they need to be sure that they're on time," said Lane. "That way we can be sure were on time to the next stop, so we can make sure they're at school on time for breakfast and then for class."

The district said even bus drivers are still preparing for the first day, Aug. 12, by driving routes and getting familiar with new areas.

If parents want to check routes and times they can head to the transportation section of the district's website