EDMOND, Oklahoma - Less than 24 hours after the City of Edmond responded to a civil rights lawsuit surrounding the deadly police shooting of teen Isaiah Lewis, a relative sat down with the district attorney. 

While details of that conversation are not public, new video only on News 9 shows the moments following the shooting.

The Edmond officers were not equipped with body cameras the day Lewis was shot and killed by police. Officer dashcam was the only surveillance that captured the fallout, until now.

Unbeknownst to police or the Lewis family, someone had their phone out and recorded as officers pulled Lewis' body from a stranger's home.

“They are dragging him out of the house right now. Wicked,” said the person behind the camera.

The recently surfaced video gives new perspective, showing several officers scrambling at the scene.

Recording: “Drag him out, drag him out, drag him out.”

Lewis is accused of crashing through a stranger's front door while being chased naked by police.

Police maintain Lewis was justifiably shot after being ineffectively tasered following a scuffle that left two officers injured.

In the new recording, barely audible officers can be heard encouraging Lewis to stay with them.

“Slow deep breaths, slow deep breaths.”

In a federal filing Wednesday, August 7 the City of Edmond denied any wrong doing saying the officers were justified.

The family's attorney said they are disappointed with the leadership of Edmond.