BETHANY, Oklahoma - Bethany police have released new details in the deaths of 57-year-old Bobby Wayne Craig II and 55-year-old Lela Marie Ellison. On Monday, August 5 the two were found dead inside a home on Northwest 27th and College Avenue. 

Officers said Craig shot Ellison on Sunday, and then turned the weapon on himself.

Both were found with a gunshot wounds to the head, according to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office.

Officers have since released the 911 call in the case. The records department also issued another report from March 2018, that involved the couple.

That report revealed at that time, "Ellison" and "Bobby" "had been drinking..." and "arguing about Ellison working long hours.” Both claimed the other had become physically violent them, but also that, "Ellison said Craig made comments about having a gun and killing Ellison and then shooting himself."  

In 2018, neither person pressed charges.

Investigators said in 2019, that previous allegation became a fact.

A concerned landlord discovered Craig’s body on Monday and asked a friend to call 911.

Here’s an excerpt from that 911 call:

Dispatch: “Bethany 911.”

Caller: “Yes, we just walked up to a house to check on a tenant that hadn’t responded, and the tenant is dead. He has been shot.”

Dispatch: “Okay, hold on for me one second.”

Dispatch: “Okay, is the landlord come out of the residence?”

Caller: “Yeah, he is standing right here.”

Dispatch: “Okay, make sure… Is anyone else inside?”

Caller: “Just a dog. We don’t know. We didn’t check the house. He walked right back out as soon as he saw it.”

Neighbors said the couple always appeared to be humble and friendly.

“I've only seen them a handful of times, just being out here with her daughter and my daughter, but I didn't see anything unusual. It's kind of sad,” said Nicholas Morris.

“I am really sad to see, they were so nice. Like, I only know them from walking by, but they would always wave at me, and just looked really nice,” said Kathryn Gresham.

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence, you’re encouraged to seek help.

Please reach out to the Oklahoma Safe-Line at 1-800-522-SAFE (7233). This is a 24-hour toll-free number and their advocates can help a person to escape a potentially fatal situation.