OKLAHOMA CITY - Crossings Community Church in OKC said it is no longer planning to purchase the First Christian Church at Northwest 36th and Walker Avenue after they said the estimated project costs topped $20 million. 

Preservationists were concerned the egg-shaped church built in the 1950’s would be demolished, when Crossings announced it had begun pursing purchasing the property.

“In April, we came to an agreement to pursue the acquisition of the First Christian Church building and entered a due diligence period. This period was spent evaluating the feasibility of this opportunity to make it suitable for our purposes as a satellite campus,” Crossings Senior Pastor Marty Grubbs said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the overall cost was much higher than we anticipated. The total cost of this endeavor would exceed $20 million,” Grubbs said. “It became far more than what our leadership and elders were willing to invest; particularly in light of our 60-year commitment not to incur any long-term debt.”

In a message to members, the First Christian Church said “First Christian Church of Oklahoma City is alive and well, and we will move forward from here. Please keep our leadership in your prayers in the weeks and months ahead as we continue with the mission of our church to LOVE! LIVE! GIVE!”

Cayla Lewis is the executive director of Preservation Oklahoma. She said they would still like to see the church added to Oklahoma City’s list of historic landmarks to decrease the chances the church would be demolished.

However, the building’s owners oppose the city landmark designation, saying it would decrease the number of potential buyers.

“We want the authentic Oklahoma City and the original and unique culture that brings to the city,” Lewis said.