EDMOND, Oklahoma - The City of Edmond claims the shooting of 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis was justified in a new response to a federal civil rights lawsuit that was filed by this family.

Edmond officials deny the shooting violated Lewis's constitutional rights.

Lewis was shot back in April after being ineffectively tasered. Investigators said he was running around naked, forced his way into a stranger's home and fought with officers.

The two officers that responded were not wearing body cameras at the time.

In the last few months News 9 has spoken with the Civil Rights attorney representing Lewis' family, Andrew Stroth said in his opinion there's no question Lewis should be alive.

"The mayor of the city of Edmond bears responsibility, the city manager bears responsibility, the police chief bears responsibility," said Stroth.

"Every time I close my eyes and try to sleep, all I can think about is my child crying out for help," said Lewis' mom Vicki Lewis. "That's something that will haunt me to the day I die."

Witnesses and police said Lewis appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. Officers said initial attempts to subdue him failed.

Back in June the family released the toxicology report that showed Lewis had THC and Benadryl in his system at the time of his death, but not PCP.

District Attorney David Prater has not decided yet if the officers involved will face any criminal charges.