MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A Midwest City family said they were asleep inside their home when burglars came in and stole thousands of dollars in electronics. 

According to the victims, including three young children, someone entered the home opening the doors to each bedroom. As they slept, electronics were removed from their shelves and even off of their beds.

“I was like bawling, crying, I was just so scared, my stuff was gone,” said Majour Spires.

10-year-old Spires was the first to wake up and realize something was wrong.

“I leaned over to check my tablet and I noticed that it was gone,” said Spires.

She looked around the house and found more items missing.

“I came in here then my TV was gone, then I was really starting to get confused and was like uh, oh,” said Spires.                  

Her big sister Shandi Courtney and fiancé were asleep in the next room. While they couldn't find their phones, they weren't immediately alarmed.

“Maybe they fell under the bed or under the sheets, or the pillow, so we just went back to sleep and didn’t think anything of it,” said Courtney.

But when her siblings and mother came knocking, she realized something was wrong.

“We were like our stuff is gone, did you take it? My sister said no. My mom said your car is gone too,” said Spires.

Courtney and her fiancé Quintay Talley leapt out of bed.

“We looked around for the electronics, everything of value was gone. The TV, PS4, phones, jewelry,” said Talley.  

In addition to the electronics, Courtney’s car along with her keys were gone.

“I thought it was a joke, I thought it was just, so unreal to me it, wouldn’t click,” said Spires.

The family believes someone entered the home through an unlocked side door.

“They could have done something to us in our sleep,” said Spires.

Since then, the family has changed their locks, and even placed locks on their bedroom doors.

They later learned some of their belongings were sold.

They're hopeful an arrest will be made.

“Honestly, I don’t want them to come back again, or do it to anyone else,” said Talley.

Courtney’s car was found abandoned at an Oklahoma City apartment. Police were able to recover fingerprints.