OKLAHOMA CITY - News 9 is getting the first look at the newest plans for a major retail and residential development catty-corner to Penn Square Mall. It will offer new restaurants and shopping centers. 

The plan will be presented to OKC City Council for approval on Tuesday, August 13.

The OAK is a 20-acre development at the southwest corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Northwest Expressway. It will feature 12 restaurants, 300 luxury apartments, a 140-room hotel, and office space.

The tallest building will be 165 feet. That's roughly 50 feet shorter than 50 Penn Place right across the street, and at the top of the height restriction.

“We are excited about the some of the increased visibility for us,” said Minister Jared Chambers with the Mayfair Church of Christ.

OAK will be directly to the east of the church.

Tulsa based developer Ryan McNeill credits conversation started eight years ago with the strong neighborhood support.

“We didn’t want to dream up a big project on our own, we wanted to dream up a big project that the neighborhood really embraced,” said McNeill.

Fifteen homes and three commercial sites are being razed to make way for the project.