OKLAHOMA CITY - The final MAPS 4 proposal meeting was held in the Oklahoma City Council chambers Tuesday. 

The first idea proposed was a mental health crisis center.

Presented by County Commissioner Carrie Blumert, the center would open more beds in order to keep people suffering from mental illness out of jail. Services would range from medical assistance, to detox, to transitional housing.

The facility proposed is based off a restoration center currently operating in San Antonio.

“This will hopefully take a burden off our jail and provide people a better space to receive treatment rather than a jail cell,” Blumert said.

According to the presentation, $42 million in MAPS funding has been requested for the facility.

In a similar price range, the second proposal was for a multipurpose stadium.

The proposed facility would be the Energy’s new home but would also serve to enhance sports opportunities in general throughout the city.

“It reaches far beyond sports into other types of live entertainment and just community events, and the idea is just additional ways to bring our community together,” Energy COO Jeff Kretchmar said.

Two different stadium models were pitched.

One, without a roof, would cost anywhere from $37 to 42 million.

The second option would feature a roof and a larger stage, ranging in cost from $67 to $72 million.

Finally, a third proposal involves an Innovation District in the city.

The district would connect the areas from Washington Park all the way to the Capitol.

The space would be made up of some new facilities and jobs, with the potential for a $1.2 billion economic impact.