MOORE, Oklahoma - New details emerge after two bodies were pulled from a Moore pond Monday, August 5. 

It was around 5 p.m. when the bodies of 67-year-old Charlie Moore and 65-year-old Larry Matthews were pulled from the pond located at Northwest 27th Street and Interstate 35.

Moore and Matthews were found submerged in a red pickup truck.

Moore police believe the bodies had been submerged for some time.

“He is very well known around Purcell, everyone knew him,” said William Moore IV, Moore’s nephew.

Moore said his uncle and Mathews had been close friends for some time.

“When I saw it on TV, I knew it was my uncle’s truck, but I was telling myself my uncle is not in the truck,” said Moore. “I kept telling myself that, but deep down inside knew it was him.

Family said Charlie may have been on his way to cash in a lottery ticket. Nothing, they said, including foul play, is out of the question.

“(The detective) told me in that particular area, there is a real sharp curve and he could of went around that curve too fast lost control of it or rolled,” said Moore. “He could’ve had a heart attack, there are a lot of possibilities.”

Family said Charlie is a veteran, and he served in the army in Vietnam.

Charlie had been missing since 2018.

“There is not a day that went by that I didn't think about it, and I know there wasn't a day that went by that my dad didn't think about it,” said Moore. “I just think to a certain point, and then I just say he is in God’s hands.”

The tragic discovery brought some sense of closure, but Moore is left wondering what if.

“I left talking to my uncle on bad terms, and that's going to eat away at me for a long time. I just say, cherish your family while they are here,” said Moore.

Funeral arrangements are in the works; however, family is left to figure out how it'll be paid for.