OKLAHOMA CITY - The state is five years into a massive $245 million restoration of the State Capitol building. There are two more years to go, but signs of dramatic progress are everywhere. 

State Capital Project Manager Trait Thompson said the biggest challenge of the massive job has been the fact that the building never really 100 percent shuts down. Sixty percent of the 450,000-ft. structure is currently being worked on.

“You want to restore the historic spaces back to their original character,” said Thompson. “But you also want this to be a functional office building for people to use.” 

Thompson said workers have come across real artifacts during the process that began way back in 2014. 

“One of my favorite things we found is a piece of newspaper from March of 1917, and it was just before we went to war in World War I,” said Thompson.

He said the project should be complete by the spring of 2022.