OKLAHOMA CITY - A military veteran is hospitalized following a home invasion in Southeast Oklahoma Monday afternoon. Police said a man armed with a knife overpowered the victim and demanded money. 

“It worries me, my grandkids live right here,” said concerned grandmother Carla Carl.

Carl was dropping her grandkids off when they ran into a wall of police cars and crime tape.

“We seen it taped off, we asked the cop if we could pull in the drive way,” said Carl.

They later learned the man inside this home had been robbed and cut several times with a knife.

Crime scene investigators were seen photographing a blood-stained wheelchair ramp.

“I was just like wow, what's going on? You never expect this thing to happen so close to you,” said concerned neighbor Rosland Carl.

“This used to be a pretty good neighborhood, nothing ever happened, it's just scary,” said Carl.

According to police, the victim went to open the door on the side of the home, believing it was his wife.

“The victim is a wheelchair bound individual who could not do anything to prevent the suspect from coming inside,” said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Megan Morgan.

“That's sad, he's got a hard time and then someone does that to him,” said Carl.    

Once inside, the suspect ordered the victim to hand over his wallet and pills.

“He did ask for some money, but the victim did not have any on him,” said Morgan.              

Carl said the incident has rattled her family's sense of safety.

“Make sure when they are here to shut the door, and make sure it's locked and not to open it to nobody,” said Carl.

Police said the suspect is a black male, who used a dark bandana to cover his face. He was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt and black jeans.