OKLAHOMA CITY - A southwest Oklahoma City homeowner was shot in the leg on Monday during a home invasion. 

Police were called to the scene near Southwest 47th Street and Western Avenue to investigate. The four suspects got away before officers arrived.

The 70-year-old homeowner told police he woke up to a masked man in his room, holding a silver revolver to his face demanding the combination to his safe. 

There was an altercation and a gunshot. Police said the homeowner was shot in the leg but managed to grab a machete and chased the armed man out of the home. 

“They located one victim in that home,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Who had actually been shot and didn’t realize it at the time.”

One of the witnesses, who wanted to remain unnamed, was inside the home during the confrontation.

“He chased after them and he was shot first,” said witness.  

She said her boyfriend and another woman were also in the home. She ran for safety.

“I was locked in my boyfriend’s house,” said witness. “I don’t know who called the cops, I don’t know anything.”

Police said there were four black men who broke into the home.

One of the other witnesses Phyllis Crim, 60, told officers she was doing laundry when one of the suspects grabbed her by the arm and led her outside at gunpoint.

“I drove up and we got out of the truck and like I said, when I turned around the corner,” said witness. “She was talking to someone she knew and that was it.”   

All four of the suspects ended up running away from the scene and only got away with the homeowner’s cellphone.

The homeowner was taken to the hospital and Crim was arrested on unrelated warrants.

Police are asking for the public to report any information they may have about the intruders.

“I hope they find them,” said witness.

Neighbors said the home that was broken into is a known drug house. Court records show the homeowner was arrested this year and convicted for owning a home where methamphetamine was kept.