This week on Episode 42 of Mitchell Talks the News 9 Sessions, Scott Mitchell and Aaron Brilbeck look into how transparent the newly formed Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (LOFT) really is.

The LOFT agency designed to put an end to fiscal fiascos.

LOFT will provide the legislature with data on agencies spending. In 2017, the State Department of Health manufactured a $30 million crisis leading to massive layoffs and an emergency appropriation of funds. Lawmakers say it’s pretty common for agencies to mislead the legislature about finances, and that’s why the LOFT agency will be able to subpoena records from agencies.

“That means that the bureaucrats lie to you. OK?” Scott Mitchell said, “That’s No. 1. No. 2, there were subpoenaed hearings over the health and tourism departments a couple three years ago. Right? We went into this fiscal meltdown and the focus went away. Remember those? So some of those idiots are still in state government. Bureaucrats. We got a new administration and I can see great gains but some of those bureaucrats are still there. Bureaucrats and cockroaches. Cockroaches survive a nuclear war. So do bureaucrats. So with this subpoena power just how aggressive is this loft agency going to be?”

Rep. Kyle Hilbert (R) is on the LOFT Committee. He said, “Once agencies see that LOFT is willing to subpoena agencies and to be aggressive with some then you’ll see that others comply.”