OKLAHOMA CITY - The break-in happened at the Light and Salvation Church off Newcastle Road in Oklahoma City.

The members of the church are speaking out after feeling violated.

The church also serves as a food pantry. The church has been at this location for about four years, and up until now they have never had to deal with break-ins.

“We can’t afford to lose anymore,” said Mary Kim, the pastor’s assistant.

Kim said whoever did this to them is taking advantage of what they are working to do in the neighborhood.

“We want to help everyone, so that no one goes hungry,” said Kim.

Kim described the thief coming in through one of the panels on the outside of the church. Kim said the thief walked away with a decent amount of food, a Google Chromebook, an HP laptop, speaker, Yamaha piano, and a smart tv.

All of those items were donated to the church and won’t be able to be replaced.