The hit-and-run happened more than two years ago on July 29, 2017. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it happened .8 miles west of Seminole.

Officials found 26-year-old Coty Ray Rush lying face up in the middle of the road. The family is still searching for answers.

“How can you grieve when you don’t know what happened, someone killed my son, how do you move on?” said Sherry Rush, Coty’s mom.

Since that day she has been living every parent’s worst nightmare.

“You hear stories about people losing children and you don’t realize the magnitude of it until it happens to you,” said Rush.

Day after day she runs through the moments leading up to her son’s death.

“I couldn’t reach him all day Friday, Saturday and then Sunday,” said Rush.

But on Monday there was a knock on their door.

“There were three highway patrolmen here to tell me that Coty was found dead,” said Rush.

She knew that the last place Coty was, was a party, where she believes he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There are just so many things that just don’t make sense and we just don’t have answers,” said Rush.

Since then, it is no secret that life has been difficult for the family.

“Every minute I wake up thinking of Coty, every day every second I think of him,” said Rush.

On top of Coty’s death, Sherry has now become the guardian for his son, Bentley.

“You miss daddy?” said Rush. “And going fishing and to the stock yards?”

She said nothing will ever fill the hole in her heart for her youngest, but she hopes someone has an answer that could help them have closure from the tragedy.

“Someone out there knows something, if it was an accident, we understand those happen, just do the right thing and come forward,” said Rush.

Sherry has set up a tip line if people have any information that could help in the case. If you know something you can send an email to, or