OKLAHOMA CITY - Eddie Pierce, 32, has significant injuries after falling out of the ceiling of a southside convenience store. 

Friday, deputies with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spotted a vehicle with an expired tag.

“This afternoon at SW 29th and Blackwelder, our warrant team was out. They were actually going from one house to another when they pulled in behind a vehicle. They noticed an expired tag, paper tag,” said Mark Myers of the OCSO. “The car suspiciously bolted to a convenience store. The driver got out and went inside the store. Deputies were trying to figure out what's going on.”

He said that the suspect locked himself inside the bathroom of a busy 7-Eleven.

Deputies followed him in, and that’s when the ceiling fell down around them.

Pierce was then taken to the hospital.

“He said the reason he ran is because he hadn't spoken to his parole officer in some amount of time, and he thought he was in trouble,” said Myers.

Pierce has a detailed criminal history. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to Lewd Acts with a Child Under 16.

In other years, Pierce was also charged with "Possession of CDS (Meth)," "Obtaining money/Property with False Pretense" and "Possession of False Credit Card."

According to online court records, he was supposed to be on probation for 15 years.

He is listed as homeless on the sex offender website, and also on the sex offender lifetime registry.

“He did tell deputies that he did have issues with drugs, and that's why he had not been in contact with his parole officer,” said Myers.

Investigators said had Pierce not run, he would be looking at a simple traffic charge.

Now, it's much worse.

The complaints against Pierce include: Resisting Arrest, Improper Tag, No Insurance, Destruction to Private Property, Interfering with a Law Enforcement Investigation.