OKLAHOMA CITY - Charges have officially been dropped against a woman falsely accused of a hit-and-run at an Oklahoma City Community College parking lot. 

Brittani Dixon, 30, learned she was accused of the hit-and-run while filing for divorce in September 2018.

“My attorney called me and said, ‘Hey Brittani, guess what? Your case is about to be dismissed,” said Dixon. “I was happy, finally.”

OCCC Police responded to Parking Lot A South on May 21, 2018 on reports of a hit-and-run. Court documents revealed the front driver side bumper on a 1985 Volvo was detached with visible marks on it. There was also damage done to the passenger side.

The hit-and-run crash occurred at approximately 2:28 p.m. The suspect is seen walking out of the Financial Aid Office and to a vehicle. A white truck with a black stripe across the hood could be seen crashing into the victim’s vehicle.

After paying a $1,000 bond, Dixon learned campus police used security camera footage to track down a suspect in the May 2018 incident.

Dixon said the woman in the security camera footage is not her.

Video also shows an OCCC officer driving past the white truck as the crime was committed.

“I do believe that since I went to channel 9 news it helped a lot, because this cause would still be lingering,” said Dixon. “It would be an open case and I would still be waiting to see this video.”

The suspect responsible over a year later remains at-large.

“I haven’t heard anything about who she is, I don't even know if they (police) are looking to find out who that woman is,” said Dixon. “I don't even know if they are pursuing any justice with him (hit and fun victim at all or if he even received from the damages, probably not.”

Attorney David Slane said this case is a perfect example why suspects are "innocent until proven guilty."

If you're falsely accused, details are everything.

“Take note, what are they claiming I did, are there any witnesses, can I prove I was somewhere else, is there any video?” said Slane. “Keep in mind most thing happens on video now days, the video in this case really helped her.”

After a year of fighting the claims, Dixon said she’s now seeking out legal options.