CASHION, Oklahoma - The viral arrest of a Guthrie woman isn’t going away. For the first time since the July 16 incident, the Cashion Police Department breaks its silence.  

The department released pictures of the busted tail light that led to the traffic stop.


Police Bodycam: "Hello, so what's going on with your truck?" 

Hamil responded, "It's been hit and we are waiting to see if I can't find a bed for it." 

In the video the driver, Debra Hamil, 65, refused to sign an $80 traffic ticket after being pulled over for the defective equipment and took off. 

Eventually, Hamil stops and the officer pulls Hamil out of her vehicle to the ground. He then tased her when she became aggressive and kicked him. 


The department released a statement declining to comment on the criminal case as it is ongoing. 

Hamil's attorney Edward Blau sent News 9 the following statement saying in part, they are exploring all legal actions against the Cashion Police Department:

“The actions of the Cashion Police Department on July 16 were egregious and unnecessary.  The thought that a 65 year old woman, known to the community as the grandmother of two boys lost in the 2012 Piedmont Tornado, deserved to be tased and arrested for not signing a ticket offends common notions of decency.  The people of Cashion and the State of Oklahoma are no safer because of the actions of Officer Missinne.  His unnecessary escalation and use of force served no purpose other than to torment and embarrass Ms. Hamil.  We are exploring all legal actions which may be taken to vindicate Ms. Hamil’s civil rights.”