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Spending your time at the poolside with your family is a fun way to bond with your children. Playing, relaxing, and enjoying the cool water can make an otherwise exhausting summer day exciting. It’s also a healthy way to have fun, given how swimming works your whole body.

But how do you make time at the pool more fun and engaging? You can only swim laps for so long before someone gets bored. In most cases, you might have a difficult time coming up with games other than Marco Polo.

That’s why you need these pool games to keep your pool experience fresh.

1. Keep-Away

These pool games need a ball that won’t deflate or break when wet. Keep-away is a fun game that helps burn a lot of energy since it involves swimming and leaping to get the ball. Assign a person to become the “it” and put them in the middle of the pool.

Once done, everyone needs to start tossing the ball around. The main goal of this game is to keep the ball away from the “it” for as long as everyone can. When the “it” gets the ball, the person with the last possession of the ball becomes the new “it”.

2. Underwater Races

Most people call this game several different names like dolphin, submarine, and mermaid races. The goal is to swim a pool’s length using a single breath. It’s a great game if you want your children to learn more about enhancing their breath control.

3. Treasure Diving

This pool game is simple, allowing you to have a moment of respite. The basic premise is to toss some coins in the pool, call it the Treasure, and let your children dive to get them. They’ll keep the coins they find, and if you need more time to relax, you can toss more coins for another round.

4. Diving Contest

For this pool game, you’ll need a neutral third party to judge the contest. At its core, everyone needs to do their best to show off their dive or jump into the pool. Some examples of diving techniques include belly flop, jackknife, and more.

If you don’t want it to be a real competition, you can just let everyone. You can do this by offering various awards like the biggest splash, highest jump, the most stylish, and more. That way, everyone can celebrate at the end.

5. Invisible Bottle

This game needs a clear plastic bottle filled with water. Get everyone to turn their backs and toss the bottle in the water. Let it sink and have everyone go in the pool to find it. The first person to find it will win the prize.

Take note, finding the bottle is harder in practice. If your family is big enough, try doing it using teams and give points. Make it a race to five points and the first to reach it will become the winner.

6. Ping-Pong Scramble

You’ll need to get a bunch of ping-pong balls for this pool game. Use a Sharpie and give them numbers from 1-20. Divide all the people involved in teams and toss all the balls in the pool.

Once all the balls are in the water, get everyone to jump in. Their main objective is to grab as many ping-pong balls as they could. As soon as everything gets grabbed, the team with the greatest number of balls wins the game.

7. Sharks and Minnows

This game needs a person to play the role of a shark. If you have ten or more people, it’s better if you get two instead. Everyone else will start their role as minnows but will become sharks if caught by sharks during the game.

If you’re in a small pool, get the minnows to stand on a poolside while facing the shark. Otherwise, choose a pool section and let them go from one side to the other. It should be across the pool’s shorter length.

At the start of the game, the shark will say “fishy, fishy, come and play.” The minnows need to start walking toward the shark while the latter is stationary. The shark can then yell “Shark Attack!” at an opportune moment.

Once that happens, the minnows need to get to the other side of the pool. They need to avoid the shark or they get tagged. People who got tagged will become sharks the next round.

Keep playing until only one minnow remains. They’re the winner and become the first shark in the next game.

8. Ring Toss

You need to buy the colored stacking rings game most kids enjoy. Using an inverted frisbee, set it on the water to float. Make everyone sit on the edge of the pool and let everyone take turns playing the ring toss game.

Of course, you don’t need to restrict this game to the pool. This is the type of outdoor activity you can play anywhere, even indoors. Click here to learn more if you’re looking more ideas and other lifestyle tips.

9. Simon Says

Like Ring Toss, this is a game you can play anywhere. That said, it evolves into a more engaging game when at the pool

In this game, get children to spread out in the pool. Pick an adult that will play the role of Simon and let them call out a specific action. But they only need to do this if the action starts with “Simon says…”

Doing an action without that key phrase eliminates the child from the competition. The winner is the last child in the water.

Have Fun With These Pool Games Today!

These pool games are great for both children and adults. To make a memorable summer, try them all out and have tons of fun. Don’t hesitate to improvise if you’re not sure what to do.

But why stop here? We have more tips for you to try out! Feel free to read more of our guides and learn more today.

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