OKLAHOMA CITY - A former Camping World mechanic is accused of stealing more than $300,000 in property from his employer, including an RV. 

The thefts took place along Broadway Extension in Oklahoma City. Investigators said after several RVs went missing, the company hired a private security company who determined it was an inside job.

“From RVs to batteries, to TVs, that were inside RVs,” said Oklahoma City spokesman Megan Morgan.

Over a span of several months, four RVS, including a 2019 Forest River Cherokee, were stolen right off the lot.

“They had multiple instances where things were taken,” said Morgan.

Also taken were tools from the store's mechanic shop. Store mechanic Ronald Park filed a police report, "alleging several thousand dollars' worth of tools were stolen."

After a security company was brought in, they spotted Park's vehicle pull in after hours.

“That security company was able to get the tag off the vehicle, which ended up checking back to one of the employees,” said Morgan.

Once confronted, Park claimed "he was responsible for approximately 90 percent of the thefts on the property."

Reports show also victimized were the store's customers.

“RVs that belonged to customers that they entrusted this company to repair their TVs,” said Morgan.

Customers had their TVs, radios and even batteries stripped from their RVs.

Documents show several of their batteries ended up in a scrap yard. Each one valued at $125 to $175.

“Officers were able to go in and run the suspects name and found he had sold at least 45 RV batteries to local scrap yards,” said Morgan.

Park claimed other people were involved in the thefts. So far, one RV has been recovered. It was sold to someone under a false bill of sale.