OKLAHOMA CITY - A group of volunteers and donors worked Wednesday to bring two new STEM centers and a maker’s space lab to Mark Twain Elementary School in Oklahoma City.  

The project was started through Devon, a company which has been partners with Mark Twain for years.

Christina Rehkop, director of community relations for Devon, said the original idea was to create a Science Engineering Technology and Math space for the school.

Devon officials then reached out to the Cal Ripken Senior Foundation, who connected with other businesses and nonprofits, including Home Depot.

The many agencies involved lent supplies and time.

Wednesday, more than 100 volunteers worked on the campus to install the new learning spaces in just one day.

“This is Devon's vision for a long time. It's how can we bring stem education into mark twain in a really holistic and complete way,” Rehkop said.

However, that vision isn't stopping at Mark Twain.

The Cal Ripken Senior Foundation decided to put STEM Centers in every Oklahoma City Public Schools elementary school.

“All 33 elementary schools in Oklahoma City Public Schools will have a STEM center that will be the same. It really levels the playing field so these kids have an entry point,” Joe Rossow, executive vice president of the Cal Ripken Senior Foundation said.