EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond winery just brought home the gold in the first-ever International Canned Wine Competition. Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery won for having the best flavored white wine, by channeling the taste of summer. 

Out of 200 wineries from all over the world, one of the winners calls Oklahoma, home. Synfully Sweet Peach Watermelon is a flavor all its own.

“It seems to draw people’s attention,” said operations manager Carter Burleson. “It’s a great summer wine. It’s something that people automatically associate with refreshment.”

Burleson believes that uniqueness was a major factor in the big win.

“They like that candy aspect of it, or that fruity aspect,” Burleson said of his patrons.

It put the small Edmond winery on the map, against major operations from California, Italy and France.

“You like to do well, and you like to get recognition,” Burleson said, “but you never expect to be a gold medal winner next to all these international people.”

Burleson said the vineyard was ahead of the canned curve, being among the first companies to launch a line of their best-selling Synfully Sweet products.

“This whole sweet wine phenomenon came at the same time as these changing Oklahoma liquor laws, so it opened a lot of doors for us, and we saw an opportunity,” said Burleson.

New canning technology means the taste is the same as the bottle. Burleson himself was the brains behind the new logo.

“We’ve kept most of this in-house, which I think is another cool part of this,” Burleson explained.

Clauren Ridge cans are the official wine of the Energy Football Club now, and with this latest achievement, the team hopes their product will soon be a household name.

“Convenience is king,” Burleson said, “and people want something they can take on the boat, something they can take to the tailgate with the, and before, that wasn’t an option for wine.”

They also partner with the Humane Society, and are hosting their Kittens and Corks event Friday, Aug. 2 from 5-7 p.m.