NORMAN, Oklahoma - They are called the Victory Dolls, and the Oklahoma City Roller Derby team prides themselves on women's empowerment, inclusion, and community. But the Victory Dolls are on a bit of a crash course, because they are in need of a home venue. 

At the Norman Skating rink Monday, the couple's skate and limbo gives way to pure athleticism and aggression as women with names like Arial Assault, a literal soccer mom who learned about the league from another mom on her son’s team, and Professor Flex, an OU professor, speed around the rink.

“It’s somewhere where you can be yourself no matter who you are,” said the red-haired Megan Adams, who goes by the aforementioned “Arial Assault”.  The name, she explained, comes from the fact that she wore a “Little Mermaid” shirt to the first practice.

The team said they strive to bring in players of different backgrounds, sexual orientation and members of the transgender community.

“We’re a very inclusive community,” explained Cheyenne Riggs, aka Professor Flex. “We’re often seen as a community on the outskirts of what people consider normal. We gather those that feel a little lost, like an outcast.”

But now, the Victory Dolls are a little bit of an outcast themselves. They currently rent space whenever they can get it in Norman, Edmond and Midwest City. But said a venue like an old warehouse or airplane hangar would give them a permeant, consistent place to practice, and cultivate a home crowd.

“I’m looking for that connection, that connection that I feel like in Oklahoma City is there somewhere,” said Catherine Johnson, an X-ray tech by day who goes by “X-Rae”. “That would like to give us a home, and at the same time, support a sport that is so empowering and has done so many positive things for so many women.”

The groups said they would like to rent or lease a venue.

If you know of someone who may have a place, you can contact the Victory Dolls on their Facebook page.