OKLAHOMA CITY - A longtime non-profit in Valley Brook that helps people recover from drug addiction is moving across the street to Oklahoma City.  

Joe’s Addiction has operated out of a coffee shop in the 1700 block of Southeast 59th Street for 12 years.

Along with coffee and free meals, Joe’s Addiction offers help to those battle drug addiction.

The coffee shop closed in June, because of the condition of the building. Joe’s Addiction has now entered a 10-year lease of a yet to be completed barn across Southeast 59th Street. 

By fall, the director of Joe’s Addiction hopes to finish the barn and begin serving free meals, showers and laundry services to the area homeless.

“A fresh start, food they can eat, hope for their futures, so they can move forward in their own hopes and dreams for their futures,” said Joe’s Addiction Director Jamie Zumwalt. 

Washita Valley Enterprises, which works in oil and gas and is right next door, protested the day shelter and complained that homeless people would wonder on to their property. 

On Tuesday, July 30 OKC City Council approved Joe’s Addiction’s plan unanimously.

Zumwalt hopes to be able to serve as many as 100 people out of the barn.