OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a newborn and throwing a knife at the baby and her mother. 

Officers responded to the disturbance on Sunday near Southwest 60th and Klein Avenue involving Rebecca Salinas, 35.

“She’s a nuisance and a headache to this apartment complex and this area for a while,” said Phillip Kowal, witness.

Salinas’s alleged behavior came to close for comfort for Kowal and his family. Kowal and his wife were on the balcony of their Southwest Oklahoma City apartment. His wife was holding their two-month-old daughter when Salinas came outside with a knife.

“She was banging it on that metal gate right there,” said Kowal. “And then threw it, threw it down at us.”

He said the threats did not stop there.

“Basically, she threatened to murder my child,” said Kowal. “My child was literally born on May 29. You’re not going to touch my child.”

He said Salinas also exposed herself to everyone around.

“Pulling her shirt up like ‘Girls Gone Wild,’” said Kowal. “I was like, is it spring break somewhere?”  

When officers arrived, they immediately recognized the suspect.

“Apparently the officer dealt with her the previous day,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “She had actually been throwing bricks this time.”

Kowal suspects the woman has mental health and drug issues.

“Drugs, methed out,” said Kowal. “Look, it’s all around you.”

He said all of the apartment residents have signed a petition to have Salinas evicted and he plans to pursue further legal protection.

“We’re definitely going to filing a VPO against her,” said Kowal. “We are going to be pressing charges and basically leaving it up to the DA. Whatever they want to do with her whether it’s mental evaluations or a state sentence.”

Salinas was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on multiple complaints but has not been officially charged by the District Attorney’s Office.