Justin Henley pleaded guilty for his role in the car crash that killed a Sac and Fox Nation Police Officer, two years ago.

Sheree Franks was juror number seven in the trial. After losing her brother and not feeling like her family received justice, she wanted to make sure the family of Nathan Graves did.

“He did something that deserved consequences for his actions,” said Franks.

Franks said that other jurors wanted to give Henley a lighter punishment and she agreed with that. Until, Henley’s attorney asked to speak to each juror one by one. That is when she spoke about what she thought Henley deserved.

“I really felt like if I didn’t say anything he was going to walk away,” said Franks.

The widow of Nathan Graves, Janet, said she is grateful Franks spoke up.

“I love her, she is an amazing young woman,” said Graves.

Franks believes that Second-Degree Manslaughter was justice for the Graves family.

On the other hand, Henley’s attorney said Justin had been remorseful and wanted to take responsibility for his role in the crash.