OKLAHOMA CITY - Fire investigators are working to identify the individual responsible for setting fire to a pickup. Luckily for investigators, a neighbor's security camera in Northwest Oklahoma City captured the fire that was started with fireworks. 

According to investigators, this happened the day after the Fourth of July holiday, and while no one was hurt, investigators are looking to make an arrest.

“This is serious when you do something of this nature, it does carry an arson three charge,” said Oklahoma City Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson.

While investigators don't know if the man and his friends were targeting the owner, prank or not, it went too far.

“It did total the vehicle, it is a pretty significant fire, we are thankful no one was injured,” said Fulkerson.  

A neighbor's camera caught the whole thing on video. A group of friends are seen walking down the street, when one of them make's a beeline for the pickup.

“Was it just a crime of opportunity? Like you say it’s the Fourth of July and they have fireworks in their hand, and there’s an open window, let’s do something mischievous, possibly, we don’t know,” said Fulkerson.            

Firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire but left without anyone realizing it had intentionally been set. It wasn't until the video surfaced that investigators realized it was no accident.

“That’s why fireworks are illegal in Oklahoma City. People ask us all the time, ‘well what’s the safe way to use fireworks?’ We tell you there is no safe way to use fireworks,” said Fulkerson.