SPENCER, Oklahoma - A man is facing deportation after allegedly attempting to kidnap a 4-year-old girl in Spencer last weekend. 

Police said 37-year-old Martin Luna-Aguilar waited for a mother to divert her attention to another child who had dropped a hat, before attempting to grab the hand and coax away the 4-year-old.

According to court documents, the mother yelled for Aguilar to stop, and "he released her hand, said ‘no problem’ and walked away."

“A lot of people know each other by their first name. We are just very friendly, and they watch each other,” Mary’s Swap Meet owner Devin Stone said. “That’s why it surprises me to hear that, because that’s crazy stupid for somebody to do that right in front of everybody.”

The child’s mother called 911 and Spencer Police Chief Lane Allen made the arrest. News 9 reached out to the department multiple times Thursday and Friday but did not hear back.

Stone said vendors who come to Mary’s are a tight knight group who look after one another. He said together, they work to create a family friendly environment. Stone said the attempted kidnapping violated a sense of trust.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the deportation hold allows the inmate to be processed for their local charge before facing removal from the country.