OKLAHOMA CITY - There are about two months until the grand opening of Scissortail Park. People have been buzzing about opening weekend. But the City has been getting comments from many people concerned about the allowance of guns on the property. 

The City has listened to people’s concerns, because of a state law the ball isn’t in their court to change the rules.

“This is a matter that is not up to the City’s discretion,” said Amanda Carpenter, the Deputy Municipal Counselor for Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City was prepared to have this conversation sooner or later.

“The state law specifically allows for guns to be carried into municipal parks if a person has a valid handgun license,” said Carpenter.

But the City will be stepping up security.

“There will be four to five large entrances where members can come in,” said Carpenter. “There will also be metal detectors and one specific entrance for handgun license holders.”

The City made clear that the law has been like this for many years.

“We don’t have the discretion to create and ordinance,” said Carpenter.

But something will be changing pertaining to bringing guns in the park after November 1.

“Right now, it is open carry or conceal carry with a valid license, after November 1 it will be conceal carry if you are in a city park,” said Carpenter.

Until then, the show will go on at the grand opening with the Kings of Leon.

“They understand what the current state law is and the provisions,” said Carpenter. “They have dealt with this in other places as well.”

Carpenter also said that the state law exempts city buildings and sporting events, like ones held at the Chesapeake. That is why firearms are not allowed in there.