BECKHAM COUNTY, Oklahoma - Two elderly women in Carter, Oklahoma are proving to be perfect roommates. 

You can find Mamie Cain and Ethel Norris sitting together on the couch looking at photo albums. The two ladies are sisters.

“We’ve gotten along alright all our lives,” said Norris.

“I think we are still just as close now as when we grew up,” said Cain.

The two sisters live in the same farmhouse Mamie moved into with her husband in 1940. It’s been just the two of them for the past four years. Ethel moved in after living in Oklahoma City.

Ethel is a former nurse and will usually read a book, while Mamie is watching TV.

Both sisters may have the secret to longevity. Ethel is 105 years old and Mamie is 103. 

Mamie has a son who lives nearby and checks on the sisters every couple of days.

Together, they cook and clean and do the laundry.

“I fix the meatloaf and usually she fixes the vegetables,” said Cain.

“They think of each other. They live for each other and they think about what's best for each other more than themselves,” said Mamie’s son Jeff Cain.