LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Back in June, Rebecca Davis, legally Rebecca Hammer, and Daniel Arthur were arrested while transporting medical marijuana in Logan County. 

The couple was transporting about 21 pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars for “House of Cannabis,” a dispensary out of Enid.

At the time, Logan County Sheriff Deputies said Arthur was the only one that had a license, but it was suspended. Attorneys for Arthur eventually said that he was not charged for his license. 

But the two were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and conspiracy to commit a felony.

"No one in the vehicle was able to produce licensing of any kind, not even a driver’s license," said Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux. "So, an arrest was made."??

On July 25, the case was dismissed, and what was seized was given back.

Despite this, Sheriff Devereaux told News 9 he supports his deputies decision 100 percent. ?

"They were going off the statute that we believe to be the accurate information," said Sheriff Devereaux. "We also reached out to OBN."??

Bodycam footage does show the deputies tried to verify the license number that the couple gave off of their phones. ??One of them even called multiple people, including the OBN trying to figure out if the couple was legally transporting the marijuana. 

"I think with a little more investigation they would have figured out that this was all perfectly legal transportation of the marijuana," said the attorney representing the owner of House of Cannabis, Tyler Box. ??

The owner of the dispensary is Travis Young. He said most of the information is on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website and public. 

New 9 called the OMMA and officials said right now, with the emergency rules, this is a gray area. They said transportation licenses are issued to any grower, processor or dispensary when they're approved. It’s recommended they give copies to their employees, but those transporting don't have to have any documentation on them. ??

"I think maybe they'll take this a little more seriously and maybe police officers are going to get a little bit more education," said Young.

The OMMA said with new the regulations scheduled to go into effect in August, transporters will get specific ID's. Those should have personal information on them. They're hoping this makes everyone's job easier. ??