Employees, former employees and some family members of residents at the Elk City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center say residents are suffering from cases of bed bugs and scabies. 

An employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told News 9 the problem began in May.

"It is very infuriating not only for me and the things I have to replace and family members, but for the residents that are there," said the employee. "They shouldn't have to live like that."

The employee said bed bugs followed them home.

"You've got family members coming in and out, they are not telling them anything," said the employee. "I think it should be posted, they post notes on the door when we have flu or strep."

Carol Tanner says her father has lived at the Elk City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for nearly two years. She says she doesn't agree with the allegations.

"They were all dead at that time, and they hadn't gotten the curtains cleaned up," said Tanner. "After they got all of that stuff cleaned, they took it down to the laundry room, took everything out of the laundry room and disinfected it."

A manager told News 9 over the phone this is a situation of a disgruntled employee after a mass exit of staff for "not doing their job."

"It's untrue, anybody is welcome to come and view our facility," the manager told News 9.

The manager granted a request from News 9's Clayton Cummins to visit the facility.

After arriving, Cummins was turned away from the facility. A manager cited the visit would violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is currently investigating two complaints against the Elk City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center but won't elaborate on the details of the investigation until it is complete.

A spokesman said it'll take two to four weeks before results of the investigation are made public.

Click here if you would like to file a complaint with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.