OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police released body camera footage on Thursday of a deadly officer-involved shooting from June. 

The video showed the police response to an active shooter on Interstate 35 near Northeast 10th Street.

Sergeants Wesley Parsons and Dustin Fulton were first on the scene. Parsons was armed with a pistol and Fulton has a rifle, according to police. Fulton fired four initial shots at the suspect.  

That day drivers witnessed a man with a gun on the shoulder of the highway shooting at passing traffic. Investigators later learned the armed suspect was 24-year-old Vincense Williams, Junior of Oklahoma City.

Police said the officer's initial shots caused Williams to drop his gun, but he reportedly went back to the ground for the weapon.  

Sgt. Fulton: “Shots fired, he grabbed the gun. Shots fired!”

Police continued to shout commands at Williams and then a barrage of shots were fired at the suspect.

Sgt. Fulton: “Take cover! Let’s go, let’s go!”

As officers approached the suspect on the ground, his gun is seen laying on the highway and they said he was still breathing. Officers on the scene started first aid and called for EMSA.

Sgt. Parsons: “He’s down, he’s down, he’s down.”

Williams died on the shoulder of the highway, forcing homicide investigators to close the area for hours.

Witnesses and their cars also stayed in the crime scene as part of the investigation. None of the witnesses were injured.

The suspect’s family viewed the body camera video on Thursday.

Department officials said the shooting officers have been cleared by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and have returned to duty.